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I'm 1000day (jang suk-woo)and working for Illustrator & Papertoy Artist & Character Designer in the Korea.

I enjoy talking people, especially people who have different cultural backgrounds.
Please don't hesitate to talk to me~~!!
Before you trying to talk to me, there is something you should know that my english isn't so good but I'll try my best

For 1000DAY, What is the work

Art is a language to me. I want to communicate through it.

"Be the first. If you can't be the first, be the Top. Even if you can't be the first and the Top, wait for the opportunity and do your best.“

I always do my best, do as much as possible, and hope to have as many conversations.

I will make art as much as i can for as many people as i can for as long as i can.

'Melo Breeze’  I gently try to convey a sweet message to people like a breeze.

Right. Always try your best and you will have a big chance. There are many people of like mind. Also, there are many people who have talents. But there are not many people who want the race to end.

You need to also think about these words:

"Do you really enjoy your work?” In other words,

you should be interested in your work.

So I will try my best to enjoy my project.

1000DAY- Client, with us

01. Artist Collaboration works

2022 [1000DAY X Kim Yeon-kyung(volleyball players)] NFT ART

2020 1000Day x Pentasticarts

2020 [April (Jinsol, Naeun) X  WEX  X 4BD]  Matter of Time' Official M/V

2019 [Drunken Tiger X 4BD] 이름만 대면 M/V

2017 [Jennifer Chung X 1000DAY] album cover

2017 [HTHAZE X 1000DAY] album cover

2017 [Max Schneider X 1000DAY] cover

2016 [4BD-POSCA] Flyingtoon x 4BD x Posca - Art collaboration


2012 [Sakiroo X 1000day] Olympic Hero/Yellow Lemon paper toy

02. Awards

2021 [Adobe]  Adobe × Marshmello  Challenge the Second Prize winner.

2018 [Sosa Police Station] The Appreciation Plaque

2018 [Daegu Contents Center] Character Competition awards ceremony. participated in the contest as a councilor.

2017 [Bucheon-si Sosa Police Station] Women's relief work completed and certificate of appreciation

2014 [Adobe] I am the new CREATIVE

2013 [Cut&Paste KOREA] Characterized Seoul. Winner.

2013 [Behance Portfolio Review KOREA] speaker

03. Exhibition

2021 [Illustration Korea 2021] Invitation Exhibition

2020 [Space jak] Contemplation exhibition

2020 [Dalseong-gu county Offices-Daegu] Twelve Earthly Branches Exhibition

2019 [Hello i am] Exhibition

2018 [Korea Art Mart] Cheongju-si Exhibition

2018 [C-Festival] POPNPOP Artisrt Exhibition

2018,2017,2016 [4BD] ARTTOY CULTURE

2017 [4BD-The College of New Jersey] 4BD Exhibition

2017 [GAGA77PAGE] 4BD Relay Exhibition in Hongdae

2017 [AHAF] - Asia Hotel Art Fair SEOUL 2017

2017 [BLUECANVAS] Grand Ambassador Seoul BLUECANVAS 28 artworks with POPnPOP artist

2017 [BICOF] 2017 Bucheon international comics festival 20th

2016 [4BD] Bucheon International Comics Festival – Bicof



2015 [4BD-Bucheon Comic Museum] WONDERLAND Exhibition

2014 [Avenel Art hall] World vision "I Dream: exhibition.
2014 [Violet Cafe] <Light>展 exhibition
2014 [Digital Book Fair Korea 2014]  exhibition
2014 [Seoul Olympic Museum ] Korea Sports Art 2014 exhibition
2014 [Seoul City Hall] "Seoul App Festival "  App paper toy making, exhibition
2014 [Violet Cafe]  "listened to you" Exhibition
2014 [Jeju Island (Sinchon Ri)]  WIND COZY PROJECT  Art Village compositions participation.
2014 [Airaku] " I LOVE SNEAKERS " group exhibition.
2013 [WE LOVE Vinyl 3, Saint Paul, Minnesota USA ] Art toy  group exhibition.
2013 [SSAMJI, Insadong] Running Horse ART Display.
2013 [the DAVID Creative. Chicago, USA] “ICHABOD” group exhibition.
         "Live Painting" on the wood in Laquna, Chicago
2013 [Mississippi State University Art Gellary, Starkville, USA] group exhibition.
2013 [Gwangju-si] ACE Fair
2013 [Refinery] ‘LOVE EARTH'(We Are All Connected) relay race show.
2013 [COEX] Seoul Character & Licensing Fair
2013 [Kappe POT] "about villains" exhibition. 
2012 [Spaces Gallery, Miami USA] 'According to Them' with Colombian Artist Exhibition
2012 [COEX ( Aqua gallery )] group exhibition
2012 [5POINT Gallery] “Synergy” exhibition Poster making, group exhibition.
2012 [CONOI Gallery] U.U Project "Please Remember" group exhibition.
2012 [U-PLEX] “Damda” Group Exhibition. 
2012 [Komacon] 15th BICOF.
2012 [COEX] 16th SICAF 
2012 [[Santorini Gallery] Fairy Tale Book Group Exhibition. 
2012 [Atelier Turning] "Yellow Lemon" Sakiroo solo exhibition participation
2012 [Figures in] My Hero Exhibition  Group Exhibition. 
2012 [Sangsang madang] “DESIGN TOY EXHIBITION VOL . 2"  Group Exhibition. 
2011 [Santorini Gallery]  “fall in love" Group Exhibition. 
2011 [Hongdae street parking and gallery] Wow Book Festival
2011 [COEX] Seoul Character & Licensing Fair

04. Books

2022 [HERO PUBLISHER] 교과도형, 표지 밑 내지 아트웍

2018 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] Mini commando (미니특공대) 접어만들기 출간

2016 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] KakaoTalk (kakaofriends) 접어만들기 출간
2016 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] Super Wings 접어만들기 출간
2016 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] Hello carbot 접어만들기 출간
2015 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] Hello Kitty 접어만들기 출간 
2015 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] The Octonauts 접어만들기 출간
2015 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] Cocomong 접어만들기 출간  
2014 [SAMSUNG PUBLISHER] 하루하나만들기(Dinosaur, Monster) 페이퍼토이북 출간

05. Design Experience

2022 [KT&G] "RAISON - ICE BLAN" New Year Edition

2021 [Binggrae]  Artist collaboration

2021 [Foot Locker]  Artist collaboration

2021 [Hanwha] Paperart collaboration

2021 [Market Kurly] 4BD STUDIO - Christmas Ornament

2020 [N DOZEN]  Artist collaboration

2019 [Hanyang University] Character Papertoy

2019 [Seosan Haemieupseong festival] AR character

2019 [KT&G] "The one" New Year Edition

2018 [With Drama] TWICE - Paper toy 

2018 [Hanatour] Hanatour bus - Paper toy

2018 [DAEWON-대원] kamen rider ex-aid - Paper toy

2018 [DAEWON-대원] Power rangers animal force - Paper toy

2017 [4BD-NAVER WEBTOON] "YUMI's CELLS" Webtoon Paper Toy

2017 [4BD-NAVER WEBTOON] "TOWER of GOD" Webtoon Paper Toy

2017 [4BD-MNH Entertainment] CHUNGHA 1st Mini Album Paper Toy

2017 [4BD-S.M. Entertainment] NCT127 PaperToy

2017 [4BD-눈높이] 아티맘 PaperToy

2016 [4BD-NAVER WEBTOON] "God of Highschool" Webtoon Paper Toy

2016 [4BD-OKSoultion] Turning mecard & Carbot Paper chairs

2016 [4BD-SSAMZIGIL] Insadong Ssamjigil character Paper Toy

2016 [4BD-MKIT RAIN] MKIT RAIN, BadBadGoodGood Paper Toy

2016 [4BD-JTBC] New Program "CODE" Broadcast Sponsorship.

2015 [4BD-JTBC] New Program "BOX" Broadcast Sponsorship.

2015 [4BD-S.M. Entertainment] EXO Paper Toy

2015 [4BD-Hyundai Media] channel ONT –PaperToy CF

2014 [Hyundai Outlet] 4BD STUDIO - Sheep Paper Toy participation.
2014 [Wurzel peter] Papertoy 
2014 [Incheon Art Platform] Papertoy
2013 [BELIF] Chok Chok art project participation.
2013 [SBS] ESPN Paper Toy
2013 [FILA]  FILA X INFINITE TOY  Paper Toy ,Graphic design.
2013 [Cartoon "Peter historia"] Paper Toy
2013 [Aqua Show] Paper Toy
2013 [K Tigers] Character design
2012 [OKAJI]  Logo, menu, membership card design
2012 [loudbell] Logo design
2012 [B.I.C] Character design
2012 [Ministry of Health and Welfare (Korea) ] Vaccination, Paper Toy
2012 [Cartoon“God of High School”]  Paper Toy
2012 [Cartoon“Don't hurt”]  Paper Toy
2012 [Cartoon, movies“Secretly Greatly”]  Paper Toy 
2011 [Golfzon] Clothing character designer 
2011 [Bucheon Museum] Cartoon educational Paper Toy making, delivery
2011 [On Media] "legend of baseball" Animation Advertising participation.
2010 [4BD studio] Character design

06. Lecture

2021 [llustration Korea 2021] Seminar

2021 [Hanbom high school] Portfolio Review and Seminar

2019 [Bucheon University] Portfolio and Employment Strategy Seminar 

2019 [Kookmin University] Art commercialization Seminar

2019 [Gangnam District Office] artist talk talk talk

2018 [M Academy] 4BD Seminar

2017 [4BD-The College of New Jersey] Presentations and Seminars

2016 [4BD-JOIN UP with startup] Participated in start-up design field panel

2015 [4BD-Gunpo e-Business High School] Character Design and Paper Toy Lecture

2015,2014 [Incheon Metropolitan City Youth Counseling Welfare Center] Lecture

2014 [4BD-Lincoln University] - Skype seminar

2014 [4BD-Incheon Art Platform Festival] Paper Toy lecture

2014 [4BD-Jongno Industrial Information School] lecture

2014 [4BD-craft platform] Paper Toy workshop

2014 [Jeju Island (Sinchon Ri)] Cozy wind project, Paper Toy lecture

2013 [Mississippi State University] Presentations and Seminars

2013 [Wisdome] lecture

2013 [D.NOMADE] Paper Toy lecture

2011 [Do-chang Elementary School] Animated lecture

2011 [Ha-joong Elementary School] Animated lecture, workshop

07. Interview

2017 [Weekly 공감] 4BD studio interview

2016 [Bucheon MARU] - Bucheon 별빛마켓 interview

2016 [Kyowon] WIZKEYS Magazine interview

2015 [상업 일러스트 : 좋아 보이는 것들의 비밀 - 마이자 작가 저자 도서] interview

2015 [SPORTS WORLD] interview

2014 [Korea baby newspaper]  Artist Interview.
2014 [[b]racket magazine]  Artist Interview.
2014 [Adobe ] I am the new CREATIVE  Artist Interview.
2013 [French urban web-magazine] "Whats Up Doc Magazine"  Artist Interview.
2013 [Behance Portfolio Review KOREA] speaker
2013 [the David creative. Chicago. USA] Artist Interview.
2013 [LIBBON korea] Artist Movie Interview.

08. Broadcast Sponsorship

2016 [JTBC] New Program "CODE" - sponsored by JTBC "Code"

2015 [JTBC] New Program "BOX" - sponsored by JTBC "Code"

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